AMBIC and QUVIK chosen as "the ambitious Czech projects"

QUVIK and AMBIC mission badges

The Ministry of Transport of the Czech Republic has announced that the AMBIC and QUVIK projects, led by our partner VZLU, have been chosen as “the ambitious Czech projects”. We are proud to be part of both of these projects. QUVIK and AMBIC both represent 100 kg satellites with a cost of around 30 million EUR.

QUVIK is a near-UV space telescope, and its primary goal is to observe so-called kilonovae, which result from mergers of neutron stars.

AMBIC’s goal is to provide image data of the territory of the Czech Republic from space and thus ensure the independence of the Czech Republic from information from commercial satellites.

Needronix will be supplying sun sensors to both of these missions and working on communication subsystems.

These projects underscore the commitment of the Czech Republic to advancing space exploration and enhancing its information infrastructure. We look forward to the continued success of these projects.