Emerging Space 2023

Patrik speaking at Emerging Space 2023
Source: Slovak Investment and Trade Development Agency

Last week, Needronix was represented by Patrik Laszlo and Robert Laszlo at Emerging Space 2023 in Bratislava.

Patrik delivered a presentation outlining our company identity, detailing our key product offerings, and sharing insights from our experiences in the space industry.

Additionally, Patrik also contributed to a panel discussion on 'Emerging Space Education', a critical issue for the future growth of the space industry. Patrik emphasized the skills and knowledge that the current generation of aerospace graduates must have to align with the evolving needs of the Slovak space industry.

Patrik Lászlo as a part of panel discussion at Emerging Space 2023 on the topic of Emerging Space Education
Source: Slovak Investment and Trade Development Agency

It's clear that the future of our industry depends on the capabilities of our youth, and that's why we at Needronix are committed to supporting the next generation. We're in the early stages of a promising partnership with the Slovak University of Technology to bolster education in Slovakia and give our students the best chance of success.

As we continue to build on this momentum, we hope to share more about our plans and progress in the future.