GRBAlpha made history - First CubeSat to detect gamma ray burst

GRBAlpha mission badge

The 1U CubeSat GRBAlpha, on which we collaborated, made history by capturing the massive gamma-ray burst GRB221009A and providing insights into its characteristics.

The idea of using CubeSats for the purpose of studying gamma-ray bursts was developed by Norbert Werner, an astrophysicist, in collaboration with astronomer András Pál.

Norbert Werner approached two Slovak aerospace companies, Needronix and Spacemanic, to build a nanosatellite for their gamma detector.

Needronix was a key developer, designer and integrator of the GRBAlpha satellite. We also developed the NXTRX4 Cormorant transceiver and the NXSS3 Eagle fine sun sensors for this mission. We also handled all communications with the GRBAlpha satellite for the first month after launch, using our own ground station.