Satellite component integration

We can provide the mechanical integration of satellite components, based on the standards of a particular provider, following ECSS standards in an ISO 8 clean room environment of
SAB Aerospace.

ISO 8 Clean room (ESA certified):

Air purity values are clearly and continuously monitored in the clean room to meet this certification standard.

Temperature (°C)


Humidity (%)


Overpressure (Pa)


Clean room technical specifications:

  • area: 140 m2
  • headroom: <6 m
  • a crane with a load capacity of 2 tons and an operating height of 5 m
  • a transition chamber between the clean room and the gray area

The available support tools in the clean room are:

  • a pallet truck with a capacity of 2.3 tons
  • scaffolding with an adjustable height up to 4 m
  • gases: nitrogen, vacuum and filtered compressed air
  • tool box
  • access to the internet
  • telephone connection
  • PC
  • 400 V power outlet, 2 pcs
  • 220 V power outlet, 10 pcs

Gray area:

  • area: 75 m2
  • can be used for cleaning equipment and if needed for assembly
Clean room