Introducing Eagle Plus: Next-Gen Miniature Fine Sun Sensor

In the fast-evolving world of aerospace technology, we are proud to present our latest innovation – the NXSS3v50 Eagle Plus sun sensor. Packed with new sought after features while providing high precision, ease of use, and integration efficiency.

Render of next-gen miniature fine sun sensor Eagle Plus

High Precision

Eagle Plus boasts a remarkable angular noise of <0.0015° at 1𝜎. This level of precision ensures reliable and accurate measurements of the Sun's position, which are critical for accurate satellite orientation. The high precision offered by the Eagle Plus may render a star tracker unnecessary for your mission, presenting a unique opportunity to simplify your satellite system.

Chart showing the measurement of the movement of the sun across the sky

In a practical showcase of its precision, we conducted a post-integration experiment. We measured the sun's movement across the sky in Earth's dense atmosphere overcoming the challenges presented by autumn conditions. The Eagle Plus has demonstrated its ability to provide precise measurements even in difficult optical conditions.

The chart above illustrates the absolute values of the angle on the sensor's Alpha axis (Y-axis of the graph). Each data point on the graph represents one-second intervals (X-axis), providing an unaltered depiction of measurements directly transmitted by the sun sensor. This experiment aligns with the Eagle Plus's commitment to precision and reliability, highlighting its exceptional performance even in complex atmospheric scenarios.

Compact Size, Lightweight Build

Measuring a mere 29.5 x 11.5 x 6.5 mm and weighing just 5 grams, Eagle Plus is a testament to miniaturization without compromise. Its small size, coupled with a minimal space requirement on the satellite surface, allows for efficient placement of solar panels, optimizing space usage and enhancing satellite performance.

Eagle Plus (left) and Eagle (right) mounted inside of a demo CubeSat

Eagle Plus (left) and Eagle (right) mounted inside of a demo CubeSat

Efficient Power Consumption

Operate with confidence within strict power budget constraints as the Eagle Plus draws less than 4 mA at 3.3 V.

Cubesat Space Protocol (CSP)

Eagle Plus offers seamless integration through the widely adopted and reliable CSP over RS485. Operating at 115200 Bd, this proven communication protocol ensures robust and efficient data transfer within satellite systems. Fully configurable in orbit through NMP and CMP protocols, it seamlessly integrates into your satellite systems, offering flexibility and adaptability. Even if you are not using the CSP on any other devices on the bus, it only takes 1 command using a request-response method to retrieve the data.

Sample, Hold & Read Functionality

The SHR (Sample, Hold & Read) feature enables instant sun position "snapshots" from all utilized Eagle Pluses in one command. This innovative function facilitates efficient data retrieval, enhancing the sensor's overall utility and versatility.

Fast Update Rate

Beyond its exceptional precision, the Eagle Plus impresses with its rapid data acquisition speed of 166 measurements per second. This ensures responsiveness, allowing for quick and timely adjustments based on the real-time dynamics of the sun's position.

Comprehensive Health Monitoring

Eagle Plus provides health statistic data, interface status data, uptime counters, temperature, power bus voltage and more. Its radiation-tolerant design (>20 krad) and bit-flip resistant Ferroelectric RAM data buffer ensure reliability in space environments.

User-Friendly Integration

Designed for hassle-free integration, Eagle Plus features an indication LED for visual monitoring of reception and transmission during integration with other devices. With an adjustable RX to TX delay, you can adjust to other devices' TX to RX recovery speeds, preventing packet loss or throughput degradation.

Ease of Use with Factory Calibration

Eagle Plus takes simplicity to the next level, being easy to use straight out of the box. With factory calibration, it eliminates the need for complex setup procedures, ensuring a smooth and efficient integration process for your satellite systems.

Fully Autonomous Operation

Experience continuous measurement without intervention. Eagle Plus operates autonomously, ensuring there is always up-to-date measurement data available. This approach enhances the efficiency of your satellite's attitude and orbit control system (AOCS).

Eagle Plus is a testament to our commitment to pushing the boundaries of aerospace technology. With its high precision, compact design, seamless integration features, and user-friendly attributes, it stands out as a great option for your satellite’s AOCS.

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